Carx Drift Racing App for iOS [iPhone/iPad] 2024


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Carx Drift Racing



CarX Technologies, LLC

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550 MB


Do you want to engage yourself in the intense racing and drifting activities of the Carx Drift Racing game? Surely yes, as millions of players are already there to win the intense competition. Plus, All participants can choose their favorite cars, upgrade their gears, and many other customization options to boost their speed. In addition, people can easily play this game on various Android and iOS devices without any hassle.

No doubt, the Carx Drift Racing game has millions of fans like Carx Street and everyone is trying to become the best racer. Players need to participate in different unique racing challenges in order to win the nerve-wracking racing competition. Whenever a player wins any task or mission in this game he will get in-game money. This in-game money is useful in unlocking the pricey options of this game. However, there are many difficulties for new racers as the game has different kinds of premium resources. To unlock these resources either a player has a good amount of cash or in-game scores or winnings.

If you have an iPhone, Mac, or iPad device then you can play this game on them without any restrictions. What you need to do is download the Carx drift racing app for iOS from our website and feel the powers of supercars. If you want to know further details about this app then read the entire post because we will share all the related details of the Carx drift racing app for iOS. Players mostly play such thrilling racing games on their big screens for more interesting and attractive. If you want to play the Carx Drift Racing on your PC or Windows you can easily download and start to play now.

Game Features of Carx Drift Racing App for iOS

Thanks to the developer, who has added realistic features that can enhance the overall racing experience. Moreover, these features can actively work on various iOS devices without any trouble. Likewise, we have compiled a list of some powerful features that will make you fall in love with this game.


There are many sports cars in this game that can behave realistically on different surfaces like sand, asphalt, grass, etc.

Customization Option

The developer has embedded different customization options so that players can feel easy while driving their cars.

Change Color

Players can use the options to change the color of the whole car or wheels by choosing their favorite colors.


While racing with others, players can hear the real sounds of their cars.


The licensed music of this game is also luring players to this game and players can enjoy the music throughout the game.


The game has various cups and rewards and players can win them after accomplishing the racing challenges.

Ghost Mode

If any player wants to compete with himself then he can turn on the ghost mode.

Real People

There are millions of people around the world who play this drifting game actively and players can play against them.


Carx Drift Racing App for iOS- Best iOS Devices

It is no secret that the game is counted among the few Android games that have high-level realistic graphics. Therefore, to enjoy all these graphics and smooth gameplay, a player must have a good handheld device. In other words, if anyone wants to play this game on an iOS device smoothly then he should play it on iOS 8 or above. Surely, a player will not find any issues while playing on the said devices.


My Experience with the Carx Drift Racing App for iOS

I am the biggest fan of this unique racing game and I have been playing it on an iOS 8 device for a long time. I did not find any kind of lag issue or others while playing on this device. This high-rated game has a 542 MB size so your handheld device must have free storage according to its size.

No one can deny the fact that many Android-based games are not available for iOS devices. Luckily, iOS users can play this game hassle-free on iOS 8 and above.


The Carx Drift Racing App for iOS is the best app that can work exceptionally well on multiple iOS devices. Win different rewards and cups by accomplishing simple tasks of racing without missing any chance. These rewards are helpful in unlocking several options as well as sports cars.