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CarX Rally is a must-play game due to its immersive experience and realistic features. The game allows players to decide what to drive, how to drive, and where to drive. It is a racing game with real-world locations, including mountains, city roads, deserts, and forests.

Keep on reading to learn how to download the latest version of CarX Rally on your IOS device for free and become a champion of the rally racing game.

CarX Rally is one of the epic games similar to Carx Street in the racing genre. This game has top-speed vehicles and 35 different race tournaments. It is known for its exciting gameplay, features, and multiple game modes. The most appealing feature is its ability to customize the speed, engine, color, and power of the vehicle.

In CarX Rally, players get to explore different tracks and locations. The game provides a sense of realism with its atmosphere conditions. Players can choose their race in different weather conditions, such as snow, rain, clear skies, or foggy conditions. These conditions affect the handling of the cars and visibility. To make the game more challenging, players choose rainy and foggy atmospheres. Furthermore, players get to choose from different tracks and each track has a different set of challenges such as jumps and turns.

CarX Rally also offers different game modes such as time race, offline mode, multiplayer mode, drifts, and chases. Furthermore, the game has appealing visuals, 3D effects, and useful control options. If you download CarX Rally from our website you can get unlimited money, free in-app purchasing, unlocking of all the vehicles, and an ad-free experience. Furthermore, many of the players play such racing games on their large screens for more entertainment. So, you can also play CarX Rally Apk for PC on your Windows.


Features of CarX Rally on IOS

A game with stunning game features, you can play with attractive features on your IOS devices. The following are the features of CarX Rally APK for IOS:

Game Modes

CarX Rally offers many game modes for players to enjoy the game. These game modes are time trials, multiplayer mode, police chase, and different drifts.

Customization of Vehicles

In CarX Rally, players get to customize the cars according to their preference. Players can change the color, engine, speed, and power of the vehicle.

Photo Mode

The game also has photo mode which allows you to capture your moments in the game and save them as memories. There are different camera angles and effects to create beautiful images.

Unlocking vehicles

CarX Rally allows players to unlock the latest models of the vehicles using in-app money.


There are about 35 different tournaments and challenges to enjoy.

Graphics and visuals

One of the prominent features of CarX Rally is its graphics. There are different amazing atmospheres, effects, and tracks to enjoy. The game also gives real-life experiences to the players.

In-app purchasing

There is an option to purchase different items for your vehicles on the app. You can also purchase different resources using in-app money.

Multiplayer mode

Players can compete with each other in real time and share their achievements. Players can get the motivation to improve their performance by looking at their position on the leaderboard.



CarX Rally has different challenging tracks and exciting tournaments. There are different game modes such as time trial, police chase, and multiplayer mode. Players can also customize their cars and make different updates. They can also choose their tracks according to the difficulty level. The tracks can be jumpy, rough, or with sharp turns. The game also features multiplayer mode to compete with other players and record their achievements on the leaderboard.

Overall, CarX Rally is a very exciting game with an immersive experience.

How to Download Carx Rally ApK for IOS?

CarX Rally is really simple to download on any IOS device for free. Simply click on the link provided on our website and start downloading. After downloading, the installation will start like any other application on IOS. Open the game and enjoy playing.

System Requirement Carx Rally IOS

  • IOS 10 or later
  • iPad Air or later
  • iPod Touch or later

Plus-points of Downloading CarX Rally APK for IOS

Some of the advantages for the players who want to play this game:

Safe and secure

We know that downloading games from different websites might carry virus and other malware risk. But our website has the latest security protocol which will keep your personal information safe from viruses.

Smooth Running

This game is easy to play and runs smoothly on any IOS device.

Updates and upgrades

The game has the potential for future updates and upgrades.

Great visuals

The game has mesmerizing graphics and visuals. Also, there are different tracks and locations in the game.

Drawbacks of Downloading CarX Rally APK for IOS

  • Some versions of the IOS devices might not support the CarX Rally game.
  • Sometimes players can get frustrated when a car hits objects at high speed.

Tips and Tricks for Success

Customize your car

 Update your car with better setups to improve the racing performance.

Learn different tracks

Since each track has different features, learn to know when to speed up or slow down on different tracks.

Practice more

To become a champion in the CarX Rally, you have to practice more often. Experiment with different tracks and learn various strategies by practicing.

My Experience with CarX Rally APK for iOS

As an enthusiastic gamer, I find CarX Rally really enjoyable. The decent graphics and real-life-like experience make it more interesting. And the graphics look even better on PC. I also like the different track modes available in the game. It has useful gameplay and features that give an immersive experience. It’s one of the best games available.


Yes, CarX Rally can be played offline. However, in-app purchasing can be made only online.

Yes, CarX Rally can easily be downloaded on any IOS device including iPhone.

Yes, CarX Rally is freely available to download on Android, PC, and IOS devices

Final Thoughts

CarX Rally is the most exciting game. It has realistic physics and graphics which other racing games do not offer. You can customize your car however you like, changing its color, speed, or model. The game also has 35 different tournaments with different challenges which makes the game more exciting. It is safe and secure to download from our website and keeps your data safe.

The different game modes, such as time trial and multiplayer mode also make this game different from other racing games. With our link you can get unlimited money, unlocking of all the cars, and an ad-free experience. To enjoy this thrilling game and its features for free, click on the link.