Download Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC (v1.27.1) 2023


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Carx Drift Racing 2




CarX Technologies, LLC


above Win 7


58.7 MB

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Do you want to play your favorite game, Carx Drift Racing 2 on your pc? Probably yes, then you are not alone as thousands of players want to enjoy it on a bigger screen. Wondering how to play android-based games on PC then fret not, as we are here with a solution. Therefore, any player who wants to play on a Pc can easily play through the Bluestacks app.

Carx Drift Racing 2 is an immensely popular racing game developed by Carx Technologies, LLC for Android and iOS users. This extremely viral racing game is designed to engage people of all ages.

However, there are many players from all across the globe who love to play games on their PCs. Players can use the Bluestacks app in order to enjoy the games hassle-free on bigger screens. In other words; Download Carx Drift Racing 2 game mod apk for pc along with the Bluestacks app. With stunning game features to play Carx Drift Racing 2 on big screens boosts up players interest in the game.

A Bluestacks is one of the commonly used emulators to enjoy Android games on PC or Mac etc. Players can play their favorite game on Windows 7, 8, and 10 by using the said emulator without any interruption. Behind this exciting racing game, you can also play Carx Street Mod Apk with amazing game features.

Gameplay Carx Drift Racing 2 PC

Many people play this difficult yet exciting game in their spare time. Carx Drift Racing 2 is not an ordinary racing game where players have to drive fast to win. It would not be wrong to say that racing is one aspect of the gameplay but a big part of the overall gameplay is drifting. To become the first to reach the finish line, players must have good driving techniques and skills to drift continuously. There are several levels and different exciting tasks to keep the interest of the players alive. Also, players need to complete given tasks and missions to win coins. These coins are very helpful in unlocking advanced options of the game. The developer has added several supercars and only a few are available for free. If any player wants to get full access to these cars then he must have to spend earned coins on them. A good car with advanced options can help a lot in reaching the finish line first.


Key Features of Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC

It is no secret that this game is packed with many exciting features to lure people of all ages worldwide. We have compiled a list of some highlighted features to help new players understand the overall game. Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC is very popular due to its unique features and graphical representation.

Amazing Cars

To give a more immersive gaming experience, the developer has added several cars with different functionality. Some are available for free and some are present in the premium category. Players can get their favorite cars according to their choices. On big screens, Carx Drift Racing 2 with amazing vehicles looks extraordinary and feels like you can drive in real life.

Game Modes

There are many game modes including an online room to play so that players can enjoy the overall gameplay to the maximum extent.

Club Racing

Many players play in club racing or the top 32 and become the first to reach the finish line. This feature creates more excitement and race more interesting among the players.

Real-Life Drifting

The gameplay of this racing game focuses mainly on drifting instead of ordinary racing. Carx Drift Racing 2 is very popular due to its drifting capacity.

Personalize the Cars

The game lets its racers personalize the cars according to the way they want. Players can easily change the appearance of the cars and participate in the race. Players can set their own special cars according to their choices.


How to Download and Install Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC?

Are you ready to download Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC? Then use the following instructions and download this app hassle-free. Get the latest version of the game with premium features to play the game for more excitement.

  • Click on the download button of the Bluestacks app for PC and wait for a while.
  • Then click on the downloaded file of Bluestacks for installation and the process of installation is fast.
  • When the installation completes then open this emulator. Now on the home screen, search the Google Play store icon and double-click on it for further operations
  • Search the Carx Drift Racing 2 game on it and install it after finding it. When it is installed, players can search the game by opening the option ‘list of installed apps’ in the Bluestacks app.
  • Now click on the game icon in the Bluestacks app and start playing the game on your PC.

PC Requirements for Carx Drift Racing 2

If you seriously want to play this racing game on PC then you need to have a minimum configuration to use Bluestacks. If not, then you will face loading issues while playing your favorite games. For the download and fast installation of Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC, you need some of the requirements as follows:

Operating System

For the installation of Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC, the operating system must be Windows 7 or above. For better results, you can use your upgraded Operating system. In the advanced operating systems, Carx Drift Racing 2 looks cool and has better results.


If you want to play Carx Drift Racing 2 on your PCs, your process should be Intel or AMD.


Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC provides full entertainment for the users. For the better results, the RAM should be at least 2 GB.


Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC, the system must have 5 GB of free Disk Space.


Racing games are very popular for all ages at the present time. Most of the players play such games on their personal computers for more intense. If you want to play Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC, the graphic Processing Unit should be OpenGL 2.0, + support.

My Review

I love to play my Carx Drift Racing 2 game on PC because it gives me a good gaming experience. No doubt, playing on PC will always urge the players to play more. Most importantly, the game focuses on drift driving instead of ordinary racing. However, I have noticed while playing on PC I can control all aspects of games better as compared to my smartphone.


Yes, you can easily download it on your PCs with the help of Bluestacks. It is the best app player that provides Android games on your Windows.

Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC, is an easy and fast downloading game. If you want to play on your Windows, download this blog with full guidance.


The Carx Drift Racing 2 for PC is one of the popular games that can easily be played on PC or Mac by simply downloading the Bluestacks app. Those players who like to play such racing games on large screens, the Carx Drift 2 Racing enhance their controlling skills. This game also improves your drifting ability and tough competition with the opponents to finish the game. Play this game on your PC and share your user experience with us in the comments section below.