Carx Highway Racing Apk for PC Download v1.74.8 [2024]


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Carx Highway Racing




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Overview of CarX Highway Racing APK

Racing car games like Carx Street are some of the most popular games among youth. These games give the experience of driving a car, for example, a sports car with high speed. These games are popular because of the thrill and competition that players enjoy.

One such racing game is CarX Highway Racing which is available on PC, Android, and iOS users. It was developed by CarX technology. CarX Highway racing allows players to race cars at high speed on highways. In the game, players can also earn rewards and customize their vehicles. There are various modes of CarX highway racing such as police chase, time trials, and races with other players. This game also allows players to unlock different vehicles when progressing. Players who want to play this game with premium features free of cost. So, you can get Carx Highway Racing Mod APK to access all premium resources.

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Features of CarX Highway Racing APK

This racing game has different features that players enjoy. Some of them are given below.


Controls can be customized by players according to their preferences. For example, tilting the steering, changing on-screen buttons, and virtual steering wheel. There is also an option for car customization, such as suspension, brakes, and engine tuning.

Realistic graphics and physics

The game offers high-quality visuals and has a detailed environment. The players feel responsive to cars due to the real physics features.

Multiplayer mode

Players in CarX highway racing can compete with each other in real-time using multiplayer mode. Players can race and compete for the top position on the leaderboard.

Career mode

Players can progress through levels and upgrades. This feature allows players to unlock new and better cars.

Game modes

There are different game modes that CarX highway racing offers such as police chase, time trial, or racing with other players

In-app purchasing

There is also an option for in-app purchases which allows players to buy new cars and update.

Carx Highway Racing APK for PC- Gameplay

Overall the gameplay of this game is focused on high speeding on highways with customization. Below, a brief overview of gameplay is given.

  • Physics: The game has a feature of presenting realistic physics that affects the behavior of the car and the player. Players need to drive according to the weather conditions and tracks.
  • Race modes: There are several modes in the game such as regular racing, time trial, and other special challenges.
  • Car selection: There is a wide variety of cars available. Players can select and customize their cars according to their preferences.
  • Tracks: There are a variety of tracks available, such as city streets, countryside roads, and highways.
  • Upgrading: The car engines, suspension, and tires can be upgraded for better performance. Upgrades require game currency which players can win through racing.

How to download CarX Highway Racing APK on PC

To download this game, we are going to provide easy steps for the user to install the Carx Highway Racing APK for PC. Follow the below steps:

  • Make sure you have an emulator on your PC to download the APK file.
  • Launch the emulator and sign in Google account.
  • Click on the link given on this website to download the CarX Highway Racing APK.
  • Select the app and install it.
  • After installation open the app and enjoy playing.

Now you can play with your full passion, Carx Highway Racing Apk for PC creates a more attractive & entertaining virtual environment for the player. For iOS++ users, you can also download and play to enjoy with your friends.

My Experience with CarX Highway Racing APK for PC

As a car racing enthusiast, I really enjoy playing this game. The realistic physics feature makes it more challenging and thrilling. The customization of car upgrades also makes this game interesting for me. In later levels the game becomes challenging but with game currency, I was able to buy new cars with better speed. I enjoyed playing Carx Highway Racing on my windows, on the big screens I felt it was real to drive a car.


Yes, CarX Highway Racing is free to download on my website.

Yes, CarX Highway Racing can be downloaded on a PC using an emulator such as Bluestacks.


CarX Highway Racing Apk for PC is one of the best games for people who love car racing and other thrilling games. This game is unique because it gives real life-like experience to the players. It has a customization feature as well as a control feature which makes it interesting.

The game level can also be upgraded through in-game currency. Players can also buy new cars using that currency.

If you are an enthusiastic gamer who likes racing games then you should download CarX Highway Racing APK on this website.