Top 5 CarX Racing Games For Android

There are millions of fans of car racing games. A guy who loves cars is also interested in Android-based car games. Whenever they feel like they need a drive they can play these games to entertain themselves. Considering this, in this blog we will be sharing the Top 5 CarX Racing Games for Android. These editions of CarX are worldwide famous and everyone wants to play these games during their free time.

top 5 carx racing games for android

Top 5 Carx Racing Games For Android & iOS

CarX Street APK

On the top list, you will find this street racing edition of the game. It is the most popular edition of Carx due to its HD graphics and street racing mode. In addition, it was developed by CarX Technologies, LLC back on April 22, 2022. Officially, it is available for all devices like Android, IOS, and tablets. Here in this amazing game, you will get a smooth display and control system which make this game more engaging and thrilling.
Furthermore, the game provides a massive collection of cars to the racers. Also, the game maps are unique and full of surprises. Apart from that, the routes are full of challenges and you have to overcome these in order to win the race. Moreover, the maps are inspired by different locations of the world where the developers have added small details like gas stations, hills, buildings, and shops.
Note: In the official game you can only unlock the cars by completing the challenges. So use the CarX Street Mod APK to unlock all cars and maps. In addition, it will provide you with unlimited money and diamonds.


CarX Drift Racing

Those users who are only interested in car drifting will definitely be going to love this game. It is also developed by the same company as CarX Street APK. The game features are almost similar but there have been made a few changes. Firstly, the main focus of this game is on providing a collection of sports cars. The reason is that these cars are better for drifting. Accordingly, the road and maps are suitable for drifts.
Besides, the best cars are not available in the beginning. You need to complete various tasks and challenges in order to access them. So what we suggest is to download the mod application of this game which is CarX Drift Racing Mod APK. With the help of this mod APK you will be able to unlock everything. It provides you with premium cars and maps for free.


CarX Drift Racing 2

It is also a popular edition of Carx Racing APK. This version was introduced right after the Carx Drift Racing. On the list of Top 5 CarX Racing Games for Android, this game performs a vital role. Here the cars are updated along with game maps and modes. With the passage of time, the graphics have also been improved leaving behind no delusions. Download this game to enjoy the real thrill of drifts on your devices.
Over all the game is full of fun but there are some limitations of the official version. For example, you have to purchase top-class cars and maps. The remedy for this is to download it mod app. The latest version of CarX Drift Racing 2 Mod APK is the solution to this problem. With the help of this modified app, you can customize the game to unlock the best cars, maps, upgrades, and other items for free.


CarX Highway Racing

One of the most difficult routes for a racer is the highways. Due to the higher density of traffic, it is not easy to complete this challenge. Among the Top 5 CarX Racing Games for Android, this game lies in the 4th position. On the other hand, it is as thrilling and difficult as it seems to be. So those players who want to try their gaming skills should play this game. It will provide you with a wonderful gaming experience. In addition, you can download this game on any device from Android to IOS or tablets.
Apart from that, there are several features like supercars, sports cars, in-game items, and attractive game maps. The official game does not provide you access to use all these features for free. As a solution to this, we suggest the users download its mod version, known as CarX Highway Racing Mod APK. This application will help you to access the premium features of this racing game for free.


CarX Rally APK

Lastly, the most interesting and engaging version of the Top 5 CarX Racing Games for Android. It is for those users who love to enjoy off-road racing. In this game, you will get several offroad maps that will help you to get real men driving feeling. Moreover, the cars are available according to the tracks so that you will not face issues while completing a challenge.
Furthermore, to make the game even more challenging you can select the night mode. It will be a next-level challenge for the user to drive in the night mode as you will barely see the track. Also, there is a mod version of this game which is CarX Rally Mod APK that provides multiple features to make the game easy. You can choose either of them to enjoy this game.

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To sum up, if you are a sports spirit guy, especially a car racing guy then these games from the Top 5 CarX Racing Games for Android are suitable according to your needs. Although the list is very long, we have only mentioned the most popular version of Carx Racing games. These games and their mod version are available on our site and they are 100% safe and secure to use.