Carx Street vs Carx Highway Racing – Complete Comparison

Car racing games are almost everyone’s favorite and there are a lot of gamers who want to play marvelous car racing games. Carx Street and Carx Highway Racing are famous games in this car racing category. Both games are easy to play and have high-quality detailed graphics that give you realistic gameplay. There are many different modes in the game to make the game more interesting for the players. These games have many features in common and today’s article will do a complete comparison of Carx Street vs Carx Highway racing games and explore their features individually.

carx street vs carx highway racing

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Carx Street vs Carx Highway Racing Gameplay Comparison

Carx Street is basically a city-based racing game that focuses on street racing and other city areas. You can also enjoy different modes in it, invite your friends, and challenge them in multiplayer modes of the game. On the other hand carx highway racing focuses on highway racing which contains a high volume of traffic and there is no speed limit which causes a high difficulty level so the accident chances are high but it mainly depends on the driving skills of the player.

Carx Street vs Carx Highway Racing Game Features

Both racing games have gained popularity in the racing world due to their unique features. Some of the key features are as follows:


 Both games Carx Street and carx highway racing provide 3D realistic graphics to players to enjoy a lifelike gaming experience. But when it comes to the comparison of the graphics Carx Street takes the lead as it provides more realistic graphics the background scenes, city lights, cars color, and collision of cars are designed with so much attention and detail that makes the game look cooler.

Display Controls

Carx Street and carx highway racing both give simple controls on the screen for the players any new player can easily understand that. But Carx Street gives more detailed options on the screen compared to the Carx Highway racing.


Carx Street and Carx Street Highway both give immersive realistic sound quality to enjoy better gameplay. However, when compared to Carx Highway racing, Carx Street takes the lead by providing a more auditory lifelike experience as when you rev your engine you’ll enjoy the authentic roar of each car, and the convincing sound of tire scratches while drifting.

Total Cars

Carx Street boasts an impressive collection of 61 cars most of these cars are sports cars. You can buy these cars after looking at their specification and performance and use them in your race. Whereas Carx Highway racing features you with a total of 47 luxury sports cars.

Cars Customization

Carx Street and carx highway racing both give customization and modification options to customize your car, increase speed, and handling, and give a more appealing look to the car. But if we compare Carx Street gives more options to customize the car and modify it such as the color of the car, headlights, adding vinyl wrap decals, rims, engines, gear transmission, brakes, and many more. All features give your car a unique look and improve your car’s speed to take first place in the race.


Both games have a unique combination of colour grades which makes the interior look amazing. In addition, both have almost the same interiors and it is simple.

Game Modes

Both the games provide different modes to the player such as multiplayer mode where you can play with different online players, drift mode, career mode, endless mode, time trail, and many more so the player will not feel bored while playing the game.

Final Words

Carx Street vs Carx Highway Racing! Both the games provide unique features to car enthusiasts. Both the games provide 3D realistic graphics and better sound quality for the user to enjoy the lifelike gaming experience. If you want to race on city streets and expand your car collection, Carx Street offers a remarkable collection of 61 sports cars with more customization and modification options. While carx highway racing centers around highway racing with the collection of 47 sports cars. In the end, the choice is your looking at your preferences between these two games.